Moderating Berlinale Meeting Point: Connect, Engage, Inspire arranged by KIDS Regio, Kids Financing Forum and Creative Desk Berlin-Brandenburg. Speakers:

Alison Norrington, (UK) writer/producer, CEO, Founder & Chief Creative Director of storycentral in London, will tell us what is entailed in changing viewing habits and how we can develop engaging projects for the younger audience.

Maciej Jakubczyk, (Poland) Head of Education and Board Member of New Horizons Association in Warsaw, Director of Kino Dziecie Film Festival and the professional writer’s lab KIDS Film Pro, will introduce us to the Association’s moves in order to connect with their audiences.

Hannah Higginson, (UK) Engagement Producer of Watershed, a cultural cinema and digital creativity centre in Bristol will share her experience with Watershed’s new engagement strategy.

Harro van Staverden, (Netherlands) producer of the film company Phanta Basta! presents his recent children’s action drama STORM – LETTER OF FIRE, which will be released in Germany in March 2017. He will also share his motivation for the project, his ideas of creating new worlds for a young audience as well as how to connect to them.