Fundraising and sponsorship

Have a fresh set of eyes overlook your project to estimate the potential as well as the weaknesses. With a project assessment you get a qualified analysis of your development project potential. The feasibility study is an action plan with clear recommendations for improvement and support options – exclusively targeted your project. Based on a close dialogue with you, and a written description of your idea, we analyze your idea description and ensure that it fits to the main criteria that support when applications are assessed.

SPONSORSHIP/ Corporate Cultural Responsibility

We work with a wide range of cultural institutions to help them develop exciting content, realise innovative projects and formulate creative responses to the challenges they face. Drawing upon a wealth of experience and expertise across the company we put together a bespoken team for each project to work in partnership with stakeholders to set out objectives and deliver real change.

Analysis of your project's strengths and weaknesses

Overview of relevant funding opportunities

Proposal for the next step in the process

One thing is to work with sponsorships, anything else is to work strategically with sponsorships and smart partnerships to create corporate cultural responsibility. At ARTOPIA we have more than 10 years of experience in advising, activating and evaluating partnerships, so it provides a valuable benefit for all parties.

A good sponsorship or partnership presupposes that there is a clear strategy both for why the individual partnership is relevant, as well as for the goal and yield. A sponsorship strategy is a well-founded and well-prepared plan for how your company uses sponsors.

ARTOPIA has extensive experience in optimizing the activation and utilization of sponsorships and partnerships. The activation of a sponsorship is crucial to the potential as a marketing platform fully utilized.  In addition, our expertise around all kinds of measuring impact and help in pricing of both new and existing sponsorships and partnerships. By focusing on the entire process from insight and strategy to activation and evaluation, ensuring ARTOPIA that all parties get a valuable benefit.

We can proudly mention successful collaboration references like; Egmont, Carlsen, Alinea, Viaplay, Sony, Turner TV, UPS, TNT, DHL, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Humac,, Politiken, DR. Schulstad, Babybel.

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