Marketing & PR

Whether you are launching a new film, starting a new festival or trying to elevate an existing event, we can help gain speed, legitimacy and awareness. ARTOPIA provides full service strategic consulting focused on positioning projects at all stages of development and production. It’s our deep conviction that it’s never too early to begin crafting a strategy and that marketing & publicity are a key part of our industry that complement the craft of storytelling to maximize distribution, audience and revenues.

Marketing and publicity play an essential role in creative process providing added value and should start at an early stage.  ARTOPIA works hand in hand with directors, producers, investors and distributors on pre-launch strategies and materials with the goal of identifying key elements in each film to help position projects as early as possible in an extremely crowded and competitive marketplace.

Designing a distribution strategy early makes it easier to build awareness and start an audience development for your film before, during, and after production, and can give potential financiers a compelling vision of how the film will come into the world and make it more likely they will invest.

ARTOPIA helps independent film directors, producers and distributors to identify the right targets for their film and reach out to audiences through creative and innovative promotional activities. Our services include positioning, crowd funding, strategic monitoring, training, sales, marketing, press and festival strategy.



Marketing, Publicity, Communication, Online Strategy with Danish and international platforms
Online presence, tools and strategy, website, blog and social networks community management and viral campaigns
Energistically create extensible customer service.
Solicitation of major and regional film festivals
Production of promotion kits and marketing materials
Creative press stories and visibility